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Collins FDC Catalog


H6004 / Scott 5549 & 5551


Western Barn – Winter

Cover Announcement 

This cover begins my mini-set of four barns each set within a season of the year. My first shows a "Western" barn with the characteristic long, one side sloping roof. This identifying feature is visible on the stamp barns as well as the cachet barn. Each of my four barn covers will have two stamps tied to the envelope with a bullseye flrst day postmark from Barnesville, Georgia.

Winter has come to the small ranch. A pick-up truck is parked by the front gate. Filled milk cans wait by the road

for the pick-up with a fresh dusting of snow on their tightly fitting tops. An ax waits by a small pile of logs for the

splitting job ahead. A recently painted barn with two coats of bright red provides a picturesque winter scene. The

ranch is tucked into the wind protection of a nearby wooded foothill.

A final touch is a horse weathervane below the stamps and day of issue cancel. A really nice country cachet to begin this mini-set of four barns. Collins #H6004 - Western Barn at $16.50.

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