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Collins FDC Catalog


L6001 / Scott 5568

Colorado Hairstreak Butterfly

A Montane Butterfly

Cover Announcement 

The colorful hairstreak is a mountain butterfly native to the American Southwest on both sides of the Continental Divide. Found in foothilis and canyons between 600 and 900 feet, they are recognized by their distinctive and varied blue colorizations. From the dark blue on the stamp to the mediurn blue of the cachet to numerous shades of light blue, these butterflies are truly beautiful in their natural habitats.

The individually hand painted cachet shows the hairstreak by a stream meandering through the foothills of near by mountains. Water grasses and tiny wildflowers provide the perfect habitat for this specimen to flourish. Adults rest in scrub oak. Food consists mainly of tree sap and contents of rain drops with a range from Wyoming and Nevada to Arizona and New Mexico. This delicate and delightful blue butterfly is now ready. Collins #L6001 at $16.50.

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