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Collins FDC Catalog


M6004 / Scott 5572

Espresso Drinks


Cover Announcement 

This mini-set of Espresso Drinks features four different countries that grow the coffee beans that are used to make the delicious, caffeinated drinks that are displayed on the stamps.

Cappuccino, the first offering in this set, highlights Vietnam. Coffee was first introduced to Vietnam in 1857 by French colonists. The first Vietnamese coffee farms were opened in the late 1800s with coffee production quickly increasing throughout the 20th century. Vietnam is now the world's second-larsest producer of coffee beans.

My colorful hand-painted cachet features a family of Vietnamese farmers picking the coffee beans from the

reddish Robusta plant. Robusta coffee got its name from its full-bodied robust beans with high caffeine content.

Cappuccino - Vietnam from the Espresso Drinks issue is now ready. Collins #M6004 - $16.50

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