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N6009 / Scott 5581

Star Wars Movie Droids


Still to be offered

Cover Announcement 

A droid is a fictional robot in Star Wars possessing various degrees of artificial intelligence. The name is taken from "Android" which is a term originally reserved for robots designed to look and act like humans. This new set by the

U. S. Postal Service featuring some of the Droids certainly is an interesting topic and one that is of interest to many.

There are a variety of Droids designed to perform specialized functions. A class system is used to assign Droids categories based on the skillsets. First Class: physical, mathematical, and medical sciences. Second class: engineering and technical sciences. Third class: social

sciences and service functions. Fourth class: security and military functions. And fifth class: menial labor.

2-1B. A surgical or medical Droid popular across the galaxy with those who could afford them. Arms featured exceptional joint movement and precision pincers served

as hands. Specialized in neurosurgery, podiatry, pediatric, cybernetic limb replacement, and alien biology. The 2-1B was usually paired with a FX medical assistant Droid.

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