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Collins FDC Catalog


O6001 / Scott 5583

Herptage Breeds

 Mulefoot Hog


The most distinctive feature of Mulefoot Hogs is their solid, non-cloven hoof from which they were given their name. These pigs are typically black and weigh between 400 and 

600 pounds, with a face that is similar in appearance to a wild boar. The exact orlgin of the Mulefoot is not known, although they are likely descended from Spanish hogs brought to the Guli Coast sometime in the 1500s. By 1900. the Mulefoot was a common breed in America, especially through the Midwest and the Mississippi River Valley . Their

popnlarity began to decline in the mid-20th Century, however, and they are now considered to be critically

endangeled by the Livestock Conservancy.

My hand painted cachet features a pair of Mulefoot Hogs approaching their trough. Early fall foliage surrounds their enclosed pasture.

The Mulefoot Hog from the Heritage Breeds issue is now ready. Collins #O6001 at $16.50.

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