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Collins FDC Catalog


O6006 / Scott 5588

Herptage Breeds

Cotton Patch Goose

Cover Announcement 

These distinctive geese were usually kept by rural southern homesteads and farms until about the middle of the last century. Thelr multi-purposes included grazing to control weeds and providing their owners with eggs, meat, and grease. The weeding kept the fields mostly clear of crabgrass and reduced the amount of manual labor needed.

After the mid-20th Century, herbicides replaced weeding on farms, and the Cotton Patch almost entirely disappeared. Today it is considered critically endangered, and as a Heritage Breed, multiple efforts are underway to save it.

My individually hand painted cachet shows a gander standing in front of a field of cotton. A wooden stave

bucket adds an element of time period. It is a handsome waterfowl with the coloring being similar to the Pilgrim Goose and the Shetland Goose. The Heritage Breed Cotton Patch Goose is now ready. Collins #06006 at $16.50.

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