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Collins FDC Catalog


O6008 / Scott 5590

Herptage Breeds

Americal Cream Draft Horse

Cover Announcement 

The main characteristic is the golden champagne color of its coat. The breed was developed in Iowa during the early 20th Century from a mare named Old Granny. A registry was started in 1944. It is a rare strain of horse, and its conservation status is considered critical.

These beautiful animals have refined heads, wide chests, and short, strong backs. The ideal color is a medium cream and is now known as gold champagne. The foundation mare, Old Granny, who was born about 1900, has her most famous descendants living in Historic Williamsburg, Virginia. In this working colonial village, there is now a program that is endeavoring to increase their numbers.

My hand painted cachet shows a magnificent team plowing a fieid in rural Iowa. The American Cream Draft Horse from the Heritage Breeds issue is now ready. O6008 - $16.50.

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