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Collins FDC Catalog


Q6002 / Scott 5608

Yogi Berra

New York Yankee Baseball All Star Player

1955 World Series

Cover Announcement 

This is a special, limited variety Berra cachet that I did to portray the famous steal of home by Jackie Robinson in the 1955 World Series. A black and white video of this amazing play runs constanty in the Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, New York.

At the upper left, my cachet shows Jackie dashing toward home and Yogi taking the throw. At the bottom, Berra applies the tag as Robinson slides under the glove and the umpire calls him "safe." At the upper right, Yogi makes a prolonged, animated appeal of the call contending Jackie was "out." It was to no avail, and the ump's decision was upheld.

Aside from the sports and baseball topical aspects of this cover, there is another major reason for a Collins collector to own this cover. The proof inspector for this cachet (me) missed a factual mistake as it was the 1955 World Series not the '52. Thus, this will be an "error" cover which will probably increase its collectability.

A moment of sports history captured on this limited Collins cachet variety for one of baseball's most unique players. Yogi Berra. Collins #Q6002 at $16.50.

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