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Collins FDC Catalog


S6001 / Scott 5615

 Western Wear

Cowboy Hat

Lone Ranger

Cover Announcement 

The Lone Ranger was a fictional former Texas Ranger who fought outlaws in the American Old West. My hand painted cachet depicts him with his horse Silver. He was the sole survivor of an ambush of six Texas Rangers but was so gravely wounded that the band of outlaws left all six for dead. The wounded Ranger was discovered by a passing lndian named Tonto and was nursed back to health. (Recognizing that the correct term now is "Native American, " I use "Indian" as it was the correct term during the "Lone Ranger" years.) The masked man became a legend first by bringing the massacre outlaws to justice and then taking on adversaries throughout the West.

His sidekick became Tonto. His faithful horse was named Silver. And he always wore his mark and used silver bullets

as ammurition. The Lone Ranger never drank or smoked and never shot to kill. A radio series began in 1933, and the

popular Lone Ranger television shorw ran from 1949 to 1957. Actor Clayton Moore played the lead role, and Jay

Silverheels, a Mohawk Indian, was cast as Tonto. As a young boy, it was a favorite show of mine.

At the end of each episode, wearing a white cowboy hat, he would gallop away with a shout of "Hi Ho Silver." More

often than not, someone watching him go would say, "'Who was that masked man?"

The Lone Ranger is now ready. Collins #S6001 at $16.50.

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