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Collins FDC Catalog


V6003 / Scott 5623

Mid-Atlantic Lighthouses

Erie Harbor, PA

Cover Announcement 

A colorful Autumn display sets a beautiful tone for this historic lighthouse. The Erie Harbor North Pier Light, also known as the Presque Isle North Pier Light, was forged in France and assembled on site in Erie, Pennsylvania. Its main purpose is to help mariners traverse the narrow inlet between Presque Isle Bay and Lake Erie. The Coast Guard operates the beacon and in 1995 changed it from a fixed

position to an automated flashing red light.

This individually hand painted cachet features the beautiful red-breasted merganser in the foreground. The male's black head is crested with a rakish appearance and is glossed with green. A white neck collar is quite distinctive. Large woodland lakes are a favorite habitat, and its range is from the Mid-Atlantic states northwest across Canada to Alaska.

The Great Lakes are in the heart of its territory.

The Erie Harbor Lighthouse is now ready. Collins #V6003 at $16.50.

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