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Collins FDC Catalog


V6004 / Scott 5624

Mid-Atlantic Lighthouses

Harbor of Refuge, DE

Cover Announcement 

In 1825, an Act of Congress authorized the initial construction of a breakwater off the Delaware River Bay in order to create safer water for ships in stormy weather. Half a century later as merchant ships and U.S. naval ships became larger, the harbor was no longer deep enough. In 1892 a new breakwater was built, and the waters were deepened to accommodate big ships and offer them excellent protection from stormy weather.

The current Harbor of Refuge Light stands at the south end of the newest breakwater. A cast-iron base supports the concrete construction. The interior of the structure is lined with brick. 

My individually hand painted cachet shows the lighthouse with the breakwater running to the north behind it. An incredible sunset sweeps the horizon with golds blazng where water meets sky. Above a medley of pink, lavender, and blue watercolors create a special moment. The reflections of this sky are visual, in the small swells on the surface of Delaware Bay. A trio of dolphins frolic in the

foreground, and the sky, light, and leaping mammals come together to form an artistic masterpiece from Mother Nature. Harbor of Refuge Light is now ready. Collins #V6004 at $16.50.

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