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Collins FDC Catalog


X6004 / Scott 5645

Christmas - A Visit from St. Nick

Santa in Fireplace

St. Nick in Chimney

Cover Announcement 

It is Christmas Eve and Santa Claus has arrived with his pack of toys for the good little children of the household. He puts a finger to his lips in hopes that the docile dog lying on the floor will remain silent. Nearby, a contented cat is fast asleep in her pillowed basket bed.

An assortment of toys can be seen and are ready to be arranged around the decorated tree. Of course, St. Nick is attired in his familiar red and white suit. Very prominent is his white mustache and flowing white beard. As with most of my Christmas cachets over the years, this one is based on holiday tradition and perception.

A visit from St. Nick Bearing Gifts. Collins #X6004 at $16.50

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