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Collins FDC Catalog


Y6001 / Scott 5649 & 5647

Christmas - Wildlife

River Otters - "Back Country River"

Otter Sliding in Snow

Santa & Sleigh

Cover Announcement

It was impossible for me not to name the playful river otter the subject of this christmas wildlife cachet. A family of the sleek critters are enjoying the afternoon by their secluded mountain stream. Due to the swift current, the surface cannot freeze over thus providing easy water access to the water. The first day location for the postmark was Otter, Montana, making the selection process a foregone conclusion. The scene is surrounded by a hand painted frame with circle signature "dot" in each corner as I has been my standard presentation since I started this winter wildlife traditional series back in 1982 with my "Woodduck on Winter Pond". As time goes by, this series will be more diffieult to find on the open market. They make a delightful Christmas collection that is unique to Collins. Now ready is 'Back Country River" - Collins #Y6001 at $16.50.

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