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Collins FDC Catalog


S6101 / Scott 5744

Lunar New Year

Year of the Rabbit

Cover Announcement 

A mischievous bunny has made his way into the cabbage patch. Standing on his hind quarters. he proudly displays his carrot treasure. The rabbit stands against a backdrop of purple and green cabbages. Once again collectors will enjoy the realistic features of my bunny from the long whiskers to the lifelike eyes to the soft pink inner ears.

The stamp itself is extremely artistic and eye-catching, and the turquoise metallic crown offers a visual impact. The Lunar New Year stamps are always popular with my collectors, so an early sellout is possible. Be sure to order on a timely basis if you wish to obtain this cover.

This year's Lunar New Year first day cover for the Rabbit, Collins #S6101, is now available at $18.50.

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