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Y6105 / Scott 5800A & 5800J


Deer Creek Falls, AZ and Sunbeam Falls, WA

Cover Announcement 

Waimoku Falls is found at the end of the Pipiwai Trail above Seven Sacred Pools on the road to Hana. The Pipiwai Trail is a treasure of the National Park System that passes through diverse scenery and culminates at the base of an absolutely spectacular waterfall. It is created by several white waterfalls that cascade over an edge to create this dramatic, soaring 400-foot falls. One of the tallest waterfalls on Maui, the soaring Waimoku tumbles down a jungle-lined lava-rock face into a boulder-dotted pool. In Hawaiian, Waimoku means "water that cuts, severs, or breaks in two." To get there, one follows the Pipiwai Trail for two miles past tropical trees and an immense photogenic bamboo forest. Once through the bamboo, the hiker is at the very base of a sheer cliff waterfall - the towering Waimoku Falls.

Nevada Fall is a 594-foot-high waterfall on the Merced River in Yosemite National Park. California. It is located behind a granite dome called the Liberty Cap at the west end of the valley. The waterfall is recognized by its ''bent'' slopes in which the impact of the water on the cliff produces a great deal of mist. It got its name from Nevada which in Spanish means snowy. The emerald pool forms on the step between Nevada Fall and Vernal Pool. The 317 foot high Vernal Falls is only a short hike from Nevada Fall. The six-mile Nevada Falls loop is considereci phenomenal. It's quite strenuous to hike but the views reportedly make it worthwhile.

Both of these lovely falls are set in ovals on my hand-painted first day cover. and each also displays the appropriate state flower and tree. Y6104 is now available with Waimoku Falls, Hawaii and Nevada Fall, Caiifornia at $18.50.

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