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Fred G. Collins Jr.

Collins Hand Painted FDCs have been produced since 1978 and their reputation for superb quality has continued to grow. Many cachetmakers come and go, and it's prudent to put your collecting time and hobby budget into a cachet that will have long-term stability and proven quality.  Each and every Collins cachet is individually hand painted in beautiful watercolors. Brush stroke after careful brush stroke brings each cover to life, and they truly are miniature works of art. You have to see them to believe them, and I invite you to compare them to any in your collection. You be the judge.

Fred Collins

Cachet Maker

I4401 / Scott 4191, 4335 & 1745

Fred Collins

A2803 / Scott 3167

Linda & Fred Collins

F4301 / Scott 4151

Collins Family

V801 / Scott 2104


M3001 / Scott 3283


H3401 / Scott 3508


K3201 / Scott 3398


K3202 / Scott 3398


O4001 / Scott 3987

Air Force

A2802A / Scott 3167

Three Generations

A2801 / Scott 3167

Fred Sr.

H1501 / Scott 2191


M201 / Scott 1802


M202 / Scott 1802


M213 / Scott 1802


M204 / Scott 1802

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