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Collins FDC Catalog

Xavier Cugat aad Abbe Lane

​I5801 / Scott 5339



Xavier Cougat and Abby Lane

Cover Announcement

Xavier was a Cuban-Spanish musician and bandleader who spent his early adult years in Havana, Cuba. As a trained violinist and arranger, he became the leader of the New York City Waldorf-Astoria Orchestra from before World War II until peace once again was obtained.

Abbe Lane was an American singer and actress. She was known for her sultry style of performing and for the sexy outfits she wore on stage. In 1952 she married Cugat who was thirty years her senior. Using Xavier's background in Latin music, the pair frequently appeared on television variety shows in the 1950s and 1960s. As their fame spread. the flamboyant twosome could often be found on talk  shows.

My individually hand painted cachet shows the dynamic entertainers at the height of their popularity. Now available is my next Romantic Couple of the World - Abbe Lane and Xavier Cugat. Collins #I5801 at $16.50.

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