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Collins FDC Catalog


A4908 / Scott 4530

Indianapolis 500 - Centennial

Al Unser Sr.

Winner - 1987

Cover Announcement 

Celebrating 100 years of Racing at


This set of ten features a winning INDY racecar from each of the ten decades. It starts with Ray Harroun and his famous "Marmon Wasp" from the first 500 race in 1911 and concludes a century later with the 2011 winner 

Dan Wheldon.

Aside from quality artwork and meticulous hand painting, the fact that I often think "outside the conventional box" and produce interesting and unique First Day Covers is one of the reasons that my covers appeal to many collectors in the hobby. This is such a set, and it was inspired by my visit to the INDY 500 Museum while I was at the Americover Show and Convention several years ago. It is a spectacular series of Collins First Day Covers with individually hand painted cachets.

Something different was added to this set. I decided to number each cachet in the series of ten to leave no doubt as to what constitutes a complete set. This will work to the advantage of all who obtain the set now. In future years as sets become "broken" and collectors acquire isolated cachets on the open market, they will immediately begin seeking the others to complete the set. Who will have them? You.

This dandy set will be sought by future Collins collectors, sports and Americana topicalists, and auto racing fans of which there are many - Just look at NASCAR events. My concept was to show the evolution of INDY race cars for the full century of the famous 500 race. To the best of my knowledge, I am the only cachetmaker to do this. A Collins exclusive! The colors of each hand painted car are accurate

and beautiful. Also, it's important that the 2011 winner is included because it serves as a tribute to Dan Wheldon who was tragically killed a few months later in an INDY CAR race in Las Vegas.

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