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Collins FDC Catalog


Y5109 / Scott 4763

Vintage Seed Packs


Cover Announcement 

A set of 10 individually hand painted First Day Covers

Featuring Antique Cars and Early Train Engines

along the flowered country lanes and nostalgic railroad tracks of by-gone Amenica.

This set has been a true labor of love, and I must say the end result is a set of Collins First Day Covers that I'm very proud of and excited to offer to my collectors. I knew I wanted it to be a unique series that would combine two collecting topic favorites - vintage locomotives and classic automobiles. Finally, a set of new stamps provided the perfect common thread that would permit me to present them with a coIorful foreground border of old-time favorite flowers. Needless to say, this is a Collins exclusive and, as such, will be a much sought-after series of First Day Covers once I'm sold out, which I think could be quite quickly.

In addition to the six cachets illustrated, the set will include Pierce Arrow and Model-T Ford Runabout automobiles as well as the Tom Thumb and the John Bull vintage locomotives. In the foreground, along the bottom edge of each cover will be a row of colorful, familiar old fashioned

flowers such as primrose, aster, and zinnia. Each will add just the right touch of color varieties to showcase the realistic watercolors that bring the engines and cars to lifelike images. As you can see by the photos, this is an awesome set.

As is usually the case with my larger sets, I am offering these cachets at one per month. This provides the time required for hand painting each and every cover and, just as importantly, makes them affordable for every hobby budget. As mentioned previously, a relatively quick

sell-out is probable, so please order in a timely manner. It's a lovely set, and the railroad/automobile combination will make this series something special.

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