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Collins FDC Catalog

Willie Mays

B5709 / Scott 5207

Sport Balls


Willie Mays

Cover Announcement 

This is the first of four subscriber-only cachets for the Sports Balls stamps. As a cachetmaker first and a sports fan second, I was personally delighted with the round format of the stamps. It's something very different from the Postal Service and a perfect way to present a set of athletic balls.

In my opinion, this called for more than one limited-edition subject because, when you have these very limited Collins Covers in your collections, you immediately will have key collectibles sure to become highly sought after in the years ahead. The four most popular U.S. sports were my choices: baseball, football, basketball, and golf.

Willie Mays will begin your subscriber-only covers. He was an All-Star center fielder for the New York Giants and then stayed with the team when they became the San Francisco Giants. Most of his 22-season career was spent with the Giants, but he did finish back in New York City with the Mets. This amazing ballplayer hit 660 home runs, played in 24 All-Star games, won two Most Valuable player (MVP)

Awards and was presented with 12 Gold Glove Awards. Expert analysis has led to a growing opinion that Willie Mays was possibly the greatest all-around baseball player ever.

"Subscriber-only editions" are produced just for my subscribers, and no extras are available. As a result, they are always instant sold-outs. The final three sub-only Sports Balls will be included on your next few invoices. Sports Balls - Willie Mays. Collins #B5709 - $13.50.

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